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Language Arts

Eighth Grade Parents,

I am very excited to get to be your student’s teacher this year.  This can also be both an exciting and challenging year. Students look forward to their 8th grade trip, being the oldest in the school, and 8th grade graduation.  On the other hand, it can be hard because they are making that transition from child to teenager; this means more responsibility and independence.   

One of my goals for students is to gain independence and responsibility for their education.  Please note that you and your student are always welcome to email or text me questions. If you and your student have specific questions about their grades, I would really like for them to come and talk to me first.  I am sure we can figure it out. I will try to keep assignments posted in their Google Classroom. 

As the Language Arts teacher, I wanted to take a moment and let you know of a change that I will implement in my language arts class (this is NEW - please read carefully).  Grading will look different. My goal this year is to help students gain the knowledge that they need to become proficient or better in language arts and prepare them for high school.  This includes but is not limited to research, understanding, and comprehension of what they read and hear, writing using proper grammar, conventions, mechanics, and word choice, and reading fluency.  Meanwhile, I also want to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to topics that they are passionate about.  

Students will still be taught in a traditional format, they will still have homework, quizzes, and tests.  Here is the change: this is a minimum requirement.  If they complete all of these requirements, they will have the potential of achieving a maximum grade of 89% in the class.  For those students who wish to work toward an A (90%+) they will have to complete a “Badge” in written and oral form demonstrating the areas that have been taught throughout the previous quarter/year.


  • Students must complete 2 badges per quarter to be eligible to receive an A.  

  • Badges will be due 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester (no exceptions).  This will allow me time to adequately grade and provide feedback for potential improvement before grades are due.  Badges will be graded in the order that they are turned in.

  • Choosing to NOT DO a badge will NOT lower their grade.  

  • Completing a badge will NOT lower your grade in Language Arts!

  • NO badge completion or a badge with numerous errors, incomplete, inaccurate, or missing information will result in NO grade

  • A badge with several errors, incomplete or missing information will receive partial credit (without lowering their grade).

  • A complete badge with minimal/no errors or missing information will receive full credit.

  • A badge can raise your grade a maximum of 11% per semester.


Don’t panic…

  • There will be some extra credit that is given to help students supplement their grade on the required assignments and tests.

  • Part of the year, students will have another class, “Badges,” with me in the afternoon where they will work on their badges.  However, sometimes they will be with Mrs. Chadd and will not have that time in school.

  • If they choose a badge about nature, for example, that badge will count for BOTH classes! The number of badges required for the “Badges” class may vary.

Please understand that this is new for all of us.  I am sure that I do not have all the kinks worked out or that everything in the grade book will work as smoothly as I envision it.  It is very possible that I may have to change some things as the year progresses. If you have any questions about this process/policy, please email or visit with me. 

Again, please do not hesitate to set up a meeting with me or email questions (  I want to make sure everyone understands this policy. 

Please sign below to let me know that you have read and understood how your student will be graded.  A copy of this letter can be accessed on your students Google Classroom page.



Katherine Sneed



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