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Class Expectations

Rules of the Road

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home 324-5779       cell 338-1139


Class Rule:

  • Show respect for yourself and others.

Supplies to Bring Everyday:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • calculator
  • Library Book

Come prepared to learn. No going back to your locker or borrowing from a classmate.

Tardy Policy:

School policy allows 5 tardies per semester. After that students will serve detention.


All work is due the following day at the beginning of the hour unless otherwise instructed. Check your Google Classroom each evening for homework assignments.

Haviland Junior High Homework Policy:

Students are expected to complete their work on time. This expectation is imperative for each student to Maximize Their Potential. Each student will receive 2 homework passes each semester. This pass will allow the student to turn in an assignment up to two days late for full credit. Otherwise, assignments will be deducted by 20% each day an assignment is late. At the end of the semester, students can turn in unused passes for a reward.


Please stay home when you are sick. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check with me about your make-up work. Anything due on the day you are absent is due immediately upon your return.


You have time between classes to take care of these matters. I want you to be in charge of the decisions about your bathroom breaks. However, I do not want you to miss math instruction. If you have an emergency, ask and you can go. Emergencies don’t happen every day.

Leaving Class:

I will let you know when it is time to clean up and be dismissed. Please wait for my signal. You have time between classes to take care of restroom and drinks. Please don’t ask to leave class.


  • Always use a pencil and keep your paper neat.
  • No pop, candy, or gum allowed.
  • Clear water bottles are allowed.
  • I’m available for help on homework after school. You can call me at home. I don’t mind taking homework questions away from the classroom. 620-338-1139 or 620-324-5779